Raid on Castle Mistmoore

As a whole, the raid on Castle Mistmoore was a failure because most of us died at least once to the numerous trains of that dreadful place. Most uf us ended up leaving the place frustrated and with less experience than we had coming in. And that was with 3 full groups of level 30-50 characters, mind you...

Anyway, at least we got an item or two out of the whole even, and of course some nice screenshots. I also included a few pictures from my previous visits to Mistmoore.

 Here are a few of the members of the expedition: Dinanmer the Warrior
Elerion the Druid 
Leala the Paladin 
 Magogo the Warrior
Onusar the Paladin 
Rutgger the Cleric 
 A fight against some of the defenders of the castle
Most denizens of the castle resemble vampiric Dark Elves
Their beauty is twisted and demonic 
Here our forces gather at the entrance
We finally make our way into the castle proper...
And prepare for the fight ahead
We make our way into the dining room...
We slay some gargoyles in the hall...
As you can imagine, the guildchannel was quite busy that day. Organizing the event was very confusing.
We made our way into the kitchen...
And into a ballroom. Things had been going well until then... Until... Veeshan went down :-(
*sigh*  After the server came back up we regrouped... Fetching and resurrecting the bodies of the many who had died deep inside the castle when logging back into a room full of angry foes, alone.
We slowly made our way back into the castle...
We lost *a lot* of time waiting for everyone to be ready.
Once inside, things went ok for some time, until the mother of all trains hit us and we almost all died. I was one of the few who managed to Gate in time. But look at my Hit Points...
An evil laughter errupted in the distance. Surely it was Mayong Mistmoore himself who was laughing at our misfortune
Tired and frustrated, we all got our corpses back and left the accursed zone.
Apparently, some of our guild members saw a GM in a room close to ours only moments before the huge train hit us... Is this person responsible for the 15 or so deaths that happened that final time in Mistmoore? We will never know... Oh well...

Last updated: 2000-04-02

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